USA verses China Reproduction Parts

As some of you may have noticed, is starting to reproduce certain items sorely needed in the restoration of our cars. For the past two years, I have sworn I was going to the SEMI Show in Las Vegas. I had registered for both shows and even obtained hotel rooms. Both years, I have passed at the last moment. The intent was to go to the huge amount of vendors, mainly from China, to obtain reproduction parts at some sort of cheap price. It breaks my heart that the most industrialized country in the world can’t even make it’s own TV sets, much less somewhat easy car parts.

Therefore, myself, my son and my partner in making these parts, old friend Les Kapaun, have made a commitment that all the parts we do will be made right here in the USA. And if possible, right here in the Twin Cities. Les has many good ideas, manufacturing skills and earned my respect many years ago. We will proudly place MADE IN USA stickers on all the parts we make. I urge other people planning reproduction parts to do the same. In this time of total uncertainty in our economy, we really need to keep US dollars in the US. We need to help create jobs and feel good about what we are doing. Rest assured that will do this until the end. Thanks! LK

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