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Want Disc Brakes? Here you go……..

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Lately, I have recieved a lot of requests recently for help with putting disc brakes on your 61 to 68 full size Pontiacs.  Oh, there is a lot of talk of finding some 69 or 70 full size car and hopefully that stuff will fit.  Forget it.  Pontiac first put disc brakes on full size 66 Pontiacs.  I have seen two in my entire life.  I don’t think you’ll find that prestine set sitting in some bone yard.  Well, time to solve your problem.  You want disc brakes?  You want four wheel disc brakes?  These guys have been doing disc brake conversions since long before I ever got serious with big Pontiacs.  Please go to The company name is Scarebird.  For what ever reason, they seem to not like talking on the phone right out of the gate.  The prices are very fair for the equipment you’ll get and they have done the research for you.  BIG TIP: If you are thinking of going to disc brakes, DO NOT go out and buy those bitchin’ 14″ wheels and/or plan on losing your 14″ wheels and tires.  Everything I’ve seen will not accept 14″ wheels.  Be sure to figure this into your budget when doing a conversion.  Please email any experiences you have with this company to us.  Thanks!  LK  2/28/2012

Tachometer Wiring Harness Reproduction plus MORE GOOD INFO!

Friday, February 17th, 2012

We ALWAYS recommend you replace that old cut up, nasty tachometer harness when going thru your car or when adding a factory tach.  The harnesses are available thru OPG and are cheap…..$34.99.  The part numbers are as follows:  62:  #04001, 63: #04250, 64: #04605, 65-66: 06245.  If your car has factory transistorized ignition, (yuck!), they also stock those harnesses (which are different) as well.  Also, did you know that you can run your factory tach with HEI?  yes you can!  The center tab on the HEI plug is a tach wire and works with our old tachs.

Is your tach face faded and your needle not the bright orange or yellow it should be?  Tired of seeing nice tachs hit $700+ on eBay?  Well, cheer up! will repaint your tach face to original for $260 plus return postage.  We also offer lens replacement for $75 plus return postage and an full electronic conversion for your tach for $275 plus return postage.  We are not able to repair broken off tabs on the outer stainless retainer ring.  Sorry.   We have just three reproduction 65-66 tachometer cups (done in brass and plated to perfection) left.  When they’re gone, you’re bummin!  Call us to discuss.

One more tip……A lot of people have put HEI ignition systems in their Pontiacs and said “Man, something’s wrong here” as they did not perform the way they thought they would have.  REMEMBER, the power wire going to your old distributor was a resistance wire and cut the voltage down to 9 volts for points.  Your new HEI requires 12 volts to operate.  Take a test light and poke the old wire back until it lights up bright.  Cut there and add some new wire to your HEI and problem solved!   LK 2-2012


Monday, February 13th, 2012

After years of prep work, is stepping down regarding 61-62 and 63-64 clutch forks.  This is a “bad news-good news” thing.  Tooling costs will exceed $13,000 per piece  and that is just too high.  We have been working with Brad at FabCraft and we both agree that it is too much.  Now the good news, apparently Barry Martin from Sonic Motors is going to pick this up.  he can be reached at 810-750-1421.  We wish Barry the best of luck in this project.  Update 2-2013:  Apparently these are now available on eBay from Sonic.  Funny….although these person used my information to make these, I have never heard shit from this person.  That’s thanks you.  Let that be your guide in dealing with them. LK  2-2012


Monday, February 13th, 2012

A lot of you have written about where to find 8 lug balance plates.  This the plate that allows you to have your 8 lug wheels spin balanced like real people do!  Toss out the bubble balancer!   I know of two people making these.  #1:  Todd Zimmermann in Greenbush, WI.  Email is Phone is 920-526-3454.  #2:  Larry Groskopf in Peotone, IL.  Email is Phone is 815-735-4002.  Both of these guys are true Pontiac people.  The MOST important thing to remember about these plates is to take with you on a road trip.  Forget it and you’ll have a bad trip.  Trust me, I know!  LK