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Beware of Michael Karpinski in Illinois-BAD PERSON ALERT

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Once again, we have a BAD PERSON ALERT to share with all our friends in Pontiac-land. The above person who goes by “mikey68″ on eBay recently hosed off a good friend of mine down under. He sold him a complete rust bucket 64 Grand Prix, lied about and then refused to do anything to straighten my friend up. I have seen photos of the car and it is no more than a rusty parts car. My friend Steve Dickson paid $10K for the car PLUS had it shipped to Austrailia. Of course, by the time he recieved the car, it was too late to file anything with eBay as far as feedback. The car needs a new frame and body. The trunk is nothing but fiberglass. The holes on the underside are enough to make you cry. Steve does not have the money to repair or replace the car. He is heartbroken. So, this is warning to ALL to steer clear of this jerk. He lives at 263 Dobega Drive in Romoville, IL and his phone is 815-886-8969. It should be noted I gave this clown the oppertunity to straighten this out with Steve BEFORE added this to my website. He did not reply. As always, what I have stated here is in my own opinion wihich I am entitled to under the First Ammendment. If you have been severely screwed by someone in the Pontiac hobby industry, please contact me. BTW, Steve’s email is should anybody care to write him. He will share the photos of what he bought.