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A bad joke…Billions & Trilions Tulsa, OK

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

I just recieved photos of a supposed 1966 Pontiac Battery Tray purchased by Brian Laugle of West Point, KY for a mere $200.  He purchased this piece of junk from a company called Billions & Trillions out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They have a website and a few YouTube videos.  Anyway, please remember that anyone can have a website claiming anything.  There website is just that.  I have never seen a piece of crap like this.  Brian is going to email me the photos so I can post them here for ALL to see what $200 buys at this shit hole.  He is currently fighting the company and hoping to get his money back from his credit card company.  All I can do is attempt to warn others about the crap these people turn out for BIG BUCKS.  They apparently took some other rusted and pitted battery tray and attempted to weld mounting tabs in certain locations.  My three-legged Pit Bull can weld better than these people.  I normally don’t go after people or companies out here unless they screw others.  This company did.  When I recieve photos I can upload, I will.  Of course, lets all remember that this is in MY OPINION, which I am entitled to under our rapidly disappearing Consitution.  12-18-2012 LK