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62-64 Four Speed Console Madness!!!!

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Just when you think you know everything, something else pops up!  I had thought that all console pieces that went under the floor in 62 to 64 Pontiacs were the same.  WRONGO! Ross out in Washington state has set me straight!  I did know that 62-64 Bonnevilles had a bigger transmission hump than 62-64 Catalinas or GPs.  Bonnies used the Roto 275 and Cats/GPs used the Roto 200, both pieces of crap (my opinion!).  Thus Cats and GPs had a smaller hump.  I also knew that automatic consoles were shorter in Bonnies as the hump was closer to the bottom of the dash.  Although they look the same as Cat/GP consoles, they are not.  Wait, it gets worse!  Now, Ross came forward with some eye-opening photos.  The Bonnie four speed console plastic pieces under the carpet are shorter and different than the Cat/GP pieces.  Thus the carpet sets will have to made different as well.  Take all of this into consideration when buying a console for your car.  Hats off to Ross.  See the following photos:

Front pieces Cat vs. Bonnie

Front pieces Cat vs. Bonnie

Rear:  Bonnie  Front:  Catalina/GP

Rear: Bonnie Front: Catalina/GPFront: Catalina/GP Rear: Bonnie

A performance tip for 61 to 68 Pontiacs!!!

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Do you want to make your 61 to 68 full size Pontiac run better and get better fuel mileage?  Always wondered what your car would do with headers?  Unless you are running a drag car, headers suck.  They burn up starters, plug wires and are just a true hassle (my opinion).  So what is the solution?  Go to and order a set of the 1965-66 reproduction factory cast iron exhaust manifolds.  They fit 61 to 68 full size Pontiacs with slight modifications and NO header noise.  I believe they add 20 to 30 horse right out of the gate.  Have you ever looked at your factory exhust manifolds?  They suck.  These manifols bolt right on to your “D” port Pontiac heads.  We use them here at all the time.  OK, so what are the modifications?

#1:  Outside of the manifolds ($449), you will need a pair of flanges (also made by Ram Air Restorations $80).  On eBay under a search for “Pontiac HO Exhaust”.  Look at them and see how easily they flow.

#2:  You will need to go to BOP Engineering at order an oil filter extension ($80) to space your oil filter 3″ out away from it’s current location to clear the exhaust.  By the way, BOP is the home of the Pontiac Vitron Rear Main Seal in 3″ or 3.25″ applications AND the best Pontiac Oil Pan Gasket on the planet.  Tired of oil spots all over the place?  Use these two products on your next rebuild and be done forever.

#3:  You will need to commit to 2.5″ exhaust, as that is what was on 65-66 376 horse cars (not a bad thing).  Use stainless steel studs and brass nuts with anti-lock.  Studs available at O’Rielley’s in the “Help” Section, (yellow card with an assortment of studs, will need 2 sets)

#4:  The repro exhaust manifolds DO NOT have a heat riser, so plan on a cable type choke (which I run anyway).  Again, an O’Rielley item.

DO NOT be fooled by cheaper manifolds from china.  They suck.  By the way, if your heat riser spring is broken on your old crap manifolds, good luck.  The only replacement part is that off off an old Chevy truck with one less wind in the bi-metal spring.  Heat risers have a way of freezing up as well.  I recently had one freeze up in the shut position and damn near melted my aluminum intake.  And when the spring breaks, they rattle.  No thanks, I’ll go with a manual choke.

One more thing….these manifolds are available with a ceramic coating.  If you end up with a set of raw manifolds, trot over to and order up a can of their stainless exhaust manifold paint.  NOTHING beats this paint for bare exhaust manifolds.  Brush it on with a cheap brush and toss the brush when done.  If possible (if your wife is gone for a few hours), don’t be afraid to bake in the oven.  GOD help you if see catches you!  When you talk to Ram Air Restorations or BOP Engineering, please tell them Les sent you from!  LK 5-2012