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Caged Nuts are here!

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

By popular demand, has reproduced the caged nut assembly found under your car.  There are 18 of these and your body bolts screw into these.  A lot of people who are removing their car off the frame are having the bolts either break off or spin.  This then means cutting the area out above the problem and somehow fixing the nut assembly.  Remember these nuts are within a cage and MUST be able to stay mobile otherwise you cannot adjust them to re-attach the body to your frame.  These are an exact reproduction and must be welded in.  They will accept your original bolt or new ones with fender washers can be had thru Ames Performance with the correct fender washer (PS-420) for $1.75 each.  The cost for the caged nut assembly is $7.95 each plus $8.50 USPS Priority Mail in the US.  As always, will ship world-wide at cost.  Our thanks to Bob Munson for suggesting we make this part.  In stock now! LK 11-19-2013caged-nut-assm-2013-11-04_10-52-17_144


Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Because of the ton of requests we get regarding the conversion of 61-64 and 65-68 full size Pontiacs to manual transmissions, we will be writing a paper on doing this conversion.  A lot of this information is based on years of doing conversions and finding and/or making the parts needed to do the job.  The paper will cover specifically 61-62, 63-64 or 65-68 conversions, as each is different.  Many options will be given as to parts available and certain modifications to make the swap go easier and cheaper.  They will also provide information on where to go for parts.  We spend hours on the phone every week talking to people about losing their nasty 61 to 64 Hydramatics and going to a manual transmission.  We also talk to people about doing either a Turbo 400 or 700R4 conversion as well.  Some of the conversion information we have will greatly increase the performance of your car.  Such as “Do I go with a close ratio or wide ratio transmission?”  Or, “Why is a 61-64 Bonneville swap harder than a Catalina/Grand Prix swap?” A list of suppliers will also be provided to find parts to do your conversion.  Most parts are available thru us.  Because of the time needed to obtain this information and the amount of information provided, we feel that we should be compensated for this information.  Remember, this isn’t like doing your buddies 63 Chevy.  Mistakes are made ALL THE TIME, which cause problems and cost money to solve.  Each paper for all three groups (61-62, 63-65 and 65-68) will be available shortly for $15 each, sent USPS regular mail.  Sorry, we will not send via email.  We hope to have the papers available within the next week or so.   Thanks!  LK  11-19-2013