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WANTED: 63 and 64 Bellhousings + driveshafts!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Because of recent bunch of 4 speed conversions, we are running short of 63 and 64 bellhousings.  Here is what we are looking for:  63:  Part number 9770091, you can always tell a 63 from a 64 as the upper 6 bolt holes on the 63 take  7/16″ bolts however 64’s take a 3/8″ bolt.  64’s are 9773762-1, 9773762-2 or 9776383.  As with all cast iron bellhousings, we sandblast them and then magnaflux to reveal any cracks.  They would be returned to you if found to be cracked.  Please, no bellhousings that have been welded on either. Sorry.  DO NOT WELD ON OR REPAIR CRACKED CAST IRON BELLHOUSINGS. Not interested in the $450 crap on eBay.  Also looking for 61-64 3 or 4 speed manual driveshafts.  No Slim Jim or Hydramatic driveshafts.  Also need a bottom cover for a 61-62 Ansen NHRA scattershield. Have other 63-64 new and used clutch parts and other parts to trade or will consider cash.   Thanks!  LK 9-22-2018