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New Repro GM Ball Stud!!!!!

Monday, January 17th, 2011

NEW Reproduction GM Ball Stud for 60’s - 70’s GM Stick Cars! released today, it’s newest reproduction…..the 3/8″ NC threaded ball stud.  Used on nearly every 60’s-70’s GM stick car, this piece has been off the dealers shelves for years.  Based on GM Part #3866568, the part is correct with the grease retainer washer.   The part is hardened and is gold cad plated.  Our part number 65-68BS, works in conjunction with our 65 to 68 z-bar bracket. 65-68ZB.  Order as 65-68ZBWS to have the stud come with the bracket.  Cost for the stud alone is $15.95 plus $6.80 USPS Priority shipping in the US only.  World-wide at cost.   More to come in 2011!  LK