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2 New Repro Items Coming!!!!

Friday, December 28th, 2018 announces two new badly needed reproduction items coming soon! #1 is 1964 Catalina quarter panel clips with water seals, made from NOS clips in a superior nylon material. These are curved. The clips on eBay are beyond wrong. Door molding clips are right behind these. Those are straight with water seals, again made from NOS clips. #2: 63 to 64 filler neck gasket. This goes at the top of your filler neck and keeps it from rattling up by your gas cap. These are always hard and crunchy. Again, made from a superior rubber, all items are made in the USA! Pricing to follow. Happy New Year to all! 20181220_183440-64-clips-rear120181228_211811-63-64-filler-neck-gasket

1964 Catalina Quarter Panel Clips Coming!

Thursday, December 20th, 2018

Coming soon from! CORRECT Reproduction 1964 Catalina or Star Chief Quarter Panel Clips. Beware that EVERY 1964 Catalina quarter panel clip on eBay (all 16 listings!) are WRONG. Our clips are made from our NOS clips and are made from a superior nylon material and come with a superior o ring that seals the clip to prevent water getting into your car. The photo is of the prototype clips we received today. Pricing to follow as are the door clips (not curved like the quarter panel clips) are coming soon!20181220_183440-64-clips-rear

1964 Pontiac 421 Engine, 43N Code Complete!

Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

1964 Pontiac 421, 320 horse engine. 43N code. Complete with all accessories as pulled out of car. Power steering, alternator, air cleaner…etc. Stuck from sitting. As with ALL 421’s, this is a 4 bolt main engine. Block casting number 9773157, heads are 9773345. Can load into your vehicle or can ship via Fastenal in Hastings or ship via Additional cost to build pallet to hold engine correctly if shipped. $4000 firm. Photos up soon. Thanks for looking!