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1966 Full Size Battery Trays! Pricing/Delivery Date here!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

OK, price on the 66 Battery Trays will be $119.95. Increased tooling and production costs drove the price up. Also we are only doing 150 trays in this first run. We strongly suggest you order NOW. Shipping date will be Jan 1st, 2019. Postage will be $14.00 USPS Priority Mail in the US only. World-wide at cost.
Photo will be posted when we receive the first prototype. It is guaranteed to be an exact reproduction. Thanks to all who waited. No credit cards. Personal checks ($133.95) or PayPal with 3% kicker ($137.96) only. Call to order. Thanks again. LK 10-31-2018

1965 Battery Trays Coming Soon Plus More!

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

20181024_173600-65-battery-tray-165 full size Battery Trays back in stock 11/25!’s second run of 1965 Battery Trays are to be available for shipment November 25, 2018. Cost will be $119.00. Also back in stock will be our Boxed Cage Nut (2 pieces) also know as Rattle Nuts that hold your car to the frame and break off. $13.95 each. Also back in stock are the 65-70 Cross Member Brackets (2 per car) with correct carriage bolts. $37.95 for the pair. All parts plus shipping. World-wide at cost. We normally ship USPS. All these parts are faithful reproductions and made here in Minnesota. LK 10-23-2018

1965 & 1966 Battery Tray Update! Plus more!

Saturday, October 20th, 2018

20181024_173600-65-battery-tray-1120181024_173620-65-battery-tray-2We will be making a new run of 1965 Battery Trays (65BT) around the middle of November.  As before, they will be an exact reproduction of the original tray.  We have also commissioned the tooling for the 1966 Battery Tray (66BT) and hope to have these ready to ship around Christmas 2018.  Pricing will announced soon.  Thanks to all that have waited patiently.  The tooling costs are very pricey.  We will be taking pre-orders starting November 1st or when pricing is available.

We are also making another run of the 65 to 68 Cross Member Brackets (65-68CMB) as they have sold out.   A new item currently being made is 1964 Catalina and Star Chief Quarter Panel Nylon Clips (64QPC).  These are impossible to find and are different from the door molding clips.  First run is limited to 2,000 clips.  After this project, we will be doing 1964 Grand Prix Parking Light Lens!  LK 10-20-2018

All of Pontiac Paradise’s Parts For Sale!

Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Because of health issues, we have decided to sell everything having to do with the parts business. This includes all sheet metal (doors, fenders, quarters, hoods, deck lids), interior, dashes, consoles, suspension, trim, frames, NOS parts and bumpers.  The name, engine parts, shelving, tools and the reproduction end of the the business are not for sale at this time.  This is a ready made business for someone.  Parts would fill at least 2 semi trucks.  It should be noted that most of the parts (97%) have never been marketed.  Price is $65,000 f.o.b. Rosemount, MN.  LK 10-20-2018

1965-66 Catalina/Grand Prix CA Boxed Frame

Saturday, October 20th, 2018

1965 or 1966 Catalina or Grand Prix Boxed Frame from California.  NO RUST!  Bare.  Will fit all models including convertible except stationwagon.  119″ wheelbase.  Will not fit Bonneville or Star Chief which are 121″ wheelbase.  Located in Twin Cities, MN.  Local pick up only.  $1,200 firm.  Thank for looking! LK 10-20-201820181004_130919-65-frame-2018

Pair of 1964 NOS GM Full Quarter Panels, left & right!

Saturday, October 20th, 2018

We have one pair of 1964 NOS Full GM Quarter Panels, left and right for Catalina or Grand Prix.  These are new old stock, not reproductions. The reproductions were made off these panel but are only half high and have none of the front, end and top provisions a factory GM quarter has.  When was the last time you saw ANY 1964 NOS GM quarters?  No photos. Local pickup only.  In Twin Cities, MN.  Price is $4,000 firm.  Thanks!  LK  10/20/2018

Finally! Correct 63-64 Bellhousing Boot

Saturday, October 20th, 2018

After 3 tries, we have finally have the correct 63-64 bellhousing boot finished.  It is made here in the USA from a far superior material than original.  The last one of these NOS we saw on eBay, went for $400 and that was 7 years ago!  These are never in any stick car nor are they ever in original bellhousings.  They keep water and garbage out of your bellhousing.  Cost is $80 which includes USP Priority Mail in the US only.  World-wide at cost.  20180907_144736-63-64bellhousing-boot-220180906_161629-63-64bellhousing-boot-5

1966 Pontiac Catalina 2 door sedan Cop Car STICK!

Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Les Kasten
New Member · 5 hrs
For Sale: 1966 Pontiac Catalina 2 door sedan COP CAR, factory stick! Beyond rare! Was the Chippewa Falls, WI Chief of Police car bought new in 66 from Archie Cochrane Pontiac in Chippewa Falls, WI. Car is mostly rust free except left fender (have NOS fender) and left rear quarter (have rust free quarter). 389 cop car engine (not running), 3 speed on the column, HD frame, special spring and shocks, Saf-T-Trac rear end, metallic brakes with aluminum drums, 15″ wheels, AM radio and light harness to top mounted light, all on the build sheet and window sticker from PHS. All this in a 2 door sedan. Have the original red light for the car. Has el cheaop steering wheel with cap. Car has ALL NEW GLASS through out. Have all missing trim. Missing seats (were shot), same as 65-66 Chevy Bel Air or Biscayne. Found front seat close by. Have some other parts for car. Can’t drive because of stroke. Ross Barker has full color photo of this car in 1966 parked in front of his mother’s house in Chippewa Falls. Truly a killer project. Not another one out there. Have clear MN
title. $8,000 fob Rosemount, MN2011-10-08_15-21-58_982

65 421 Engine, YH code, won’t last long!

Monday, October 8th, 2018

I 20180927_165744-65-4211have one (started with two) 1965 421, 338 horse YH engine, mostly complete, missing starter, fuel and oil pump only. Dated G-4-4, June 4th, 1964, super early 65. Heads (76) and intake dated close to engine. Block is 9778791 4 bolt mains. Great core engine. Is standard bore with standard pistons. Price is firm. FOB Rosemount. Can ship Fastenal (your account) or Extra cost to palatalize. Won’t last long! Have photo on Mpls. cl. LK 10/8/2018