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Looking for Door Panels, Steering Wheels or Dash Pads?

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Are you looking for door panels for your car?  2 or 4 door, wagon or convertible?  Chances of finding 50 year old decent panels are slim to none.  Same for clear steering wheels and dash pads.  Here is where you need to go to obtain these items:

-Door Panels:  Ames and OPG have a very limited selection of PUI panels for generic models only.  In generic colors only.  They are OK.  But what if you have a 2 door sedan or a wagon or maybe a color that wasn’t the norm?  The solution is SMS in Canby, OR (505-263-3535).  They specialize in new Pontiac door panels done in the correct heat seamed material with or without the correct Mylar.  They can also provide any fabric or material you may need including Ventura and GP emblems into the vinyl.  Is it cheap?  No.  Are they quick to get it done?  No.  They can make your door panels by just having the curved metal pieces from the tops of your old panels. You do not have to send them your entire panels. They do not have the metal trim that may be on your panels.  That you have to provide and possibly re-install. One issue……DO NOT allow them to install the door panel nails on your panels.  Tell them to leave the nails out and leave the sides and bottom of the new panels un-glued.  Let your interior person install as they DO NOT have any idea where they belong.  Current cost for all four panels runs around $850. They are busy and beyond SLOW.

-Steering Wheels:  If you are looking for a good 50 year old clear steering wheel, good luck!  Who isn’t?  You have two options…..go to a wood wheel or send yours off and have it redone.  There are two companies that offer this service:  Quality Restorations (858-271-7374)  and D & D Automobilla in North Carolina (704-748-3447) ask for Bob.  Plan on at least $1,350 and 90 days.  We now have a far better price getting wheels done in Europe.  Please call Les to discuss.

-Dash Pads:  The ago old problem….my dash pad is cracked, now what?  There is only one company that has stood the test of time.  Just Dashes, Inc. (800-247-3274) in California.  Catalina non air dashes are cheaper than Bonneville/Grand Prix and air conditioned dash pads.  They will need your core AND the both A-Pillar moldings from your car.  They can do any color and they stand behind their work.  Plan on a minimum of $650 thru $900 at this time.

Please tell these companies you were directed to them by  LK  9-22-2018

Les Kasten elected to POCI Board of Directors

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Les Kasten was recently elected to the Pontiac-Oakland Club’s Board of Directors, Midwest Division.  The term is 3 years.  Les says “I am proud to accept this position and hope I can really help the members of the Pontiac community.”  This was the second time Les was nominated.  My term expires in 2019.   LK 49-22-2018