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Monday, October 28th, 2013 now has 15″ 8 lug  steel wheels available.  NOT the aluminum drums, just the wheels your tires mount on. As you probably know, the selection of decent 14″ tires is long gone.  People have been screaming for 15″ 8 lug wheels for a long time.  The people who made the reproduction 8 lug drums made a run of 15″ wheels however the welding of the lugs to the wheels was ugly.  They are long gone.  The new wheels are available in two different back spacings.  For 7″ wide rims, the back spacing will be 4.25″ and for the 8″ wide rims, the back spacing is 4.75″.  They are available in your choice of either black or silver power coated for $259.00 each or chrome plated for $289.00 each plus $25 each for shipping in the lower 48 states.  World-wide at cost. They can also be ordered bare at the same price. 8″  Trim Rings for the 15″ wheels are available thru Eckler’s, their part #A4165 at around $80 per car set.  They also have Trim Rings for 6″ and 7″ as all of these are Corvette Rally Wheel Trim Rings.  60-62 took the really narrow trim rings so you might consider those (6″) for that application.  I am told that the chrome rims really do not need trim rings as they look great without them.  Also, 16″ wheels are also available!  They can be ordered in bare, black or silver powered coated or chrome.   The bare, black or silver wheels are $289 each.  The chrome wheels are $319 each.  Again, plan on $25 per wheel shipping in the lower 48 states.  Chrome photo above and silver power coated below.  These prices are subject to change. Order today!  I have been notified of a 6 to 8 week delay in delivery of the wheels once they are ordered.  They are worth the wait. LK 10/28/2013



Thursday, October 24th, 2013 is pleased to announce the following new products either here now or coming on line very soon.  First off, after many requests, we are doing the 61 to 64 fuel tank sending unit gaskets.  Until now, you had to buy a new repro sender from us to get the gasket.  Many senders are still working and folks wanted to re-install but had no source for the gasket.  Now you do.  Gaskets will be $6.95 plus USPS Priority Mail postage at $6.80 and are made out a material that is NOT affected by gas with ethanol, which eats most rubber parts.   On the subject of senders, we are in the process of having 65 to 68 senders reproduced.  They will be dual line senders only, which were used on factory air cars and/or cars with 3-2’s.  The single line senders were used on regular 2 barrel and 4 barrel cars.  The decision was made to do just the dual line senders as the unused 1/4″ return line can be capped off at the sender.  Delivery date is not yet known however they are in the pipeline. Remember that we have 61-64 fuel tanks, strap kits, senders and “o” rings in stock. Trying to get 65-68 fuel tanks made as well. No luck yet.  Response to the 63-64 lower quarters has been great!  We have sold over 28 pairs so far.  We are awaiting an update as for delivery of the 65-66 lower quarters at this time.  Right around December 15th we will release the 63-64 clutch fork boot that clips into the bellhousing.  These have not been available for over 30 years.  These will also replace the hookey metal cover used on 61 and 62’s.  They will be $49.95 plus $6.80 USPS Priority Mail in the US.  By January 15th, we will release the 63-64 clutch rod booty that keeps the crap out of your interior.  Cost is not yet known as of today but it is being done.  Next will be the retainer that holds the booty.  Once again, these can be used on 61 & 62’s as well. One last thing…we now have in stock, the correct pilot bearing for the end of your crankshaft (on stick cars).  This part was discontinued by Dorman a few years ago and has been tough to find.  These are in stock at $35 each plus $6.80 USPS Priority Mail in the US.   Please remember we ship world-wide at cost.  Thanks to everybody who loves old Pontiacs and continues to make this hobby a fun place.  LK  10/24/2013