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Having weird brake light/turn signal problems? Read on….

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

When we were finishing up my first really nice “done” Pontiac 1964 Catalina 2 door sedan, I noticed I was having problems with no brake lights, sometimes brake lights and the same in turn signal land. I was losing my mind. Finally, just before hacking into my wiring, Bill Taylor, a friend of mine who owns a repair shop in Minneapolis, dug into the problem. He found it! At the base of your 61 to 64 steering column, is a little weird box. Your turn signal switch is NOT up top where most others are. It’s in the weird little box and is contolled by a cable that runs almost the entire length of your column. Bill took the little box apart by bending back (carefully) the little tabs holding it together, to discover nothing but fuzzies, hard grease and dirt. Fifty years ago, there was some sort of grease in these boxes, most has now turned hard and crunchy. Well, there are contacts that slide inside this box and they are spring loaded. Guess what? No grease, no slide! Bill cleaned the box out and put in new di-electric grease and POOF! Problem solved.

So don’t send your 61 to 64 Pontiac to the electrical shop for those re-occuring brake light and/or turn signal problems. This is the solution. LK 10-31-2012

OK, you just bought a 62 to 66 Tachometer, now what?

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

One thing I always try to push on people buying Tachometers for their 62 to 66 full size Pontiacs, is to purchase a NEW Tachometer Harness. They are dirt cheap and easy to install. I am going to give you the part numbers to order in from Ames (1-800-421-2637):

1962 Tach Harness: PM04000 $33.00
1963 Tach Harness: PM04250 $33.00
1964 Tach Harness: PM04605 $33.00
1965 Tach Harness: PM06245 $33.00
1966 Tach Harness: PM06245 $33.00

Of course, these prices are subject to change and the harnesses listed above are not to be used with Transistorized Ignition. Ames has those harnesses as well however they are $4.00 more expensive. OPG has the same harnesses available as well. As with everything I do out here, I hope this helps somebody! LK 10-27-2012

OK, what about help with my Pot Metal stuff?

Friday, October 26th, 2012

I recieve many phone calls every week about how some backwoods chrome shop destroyed my lower 64 Bonnie moldings or some other super rare part. People, 97% of all chrome shops cannot do pot metal. Wake up and re-read. Here is a little Les story…..I had a weird hobby in the mid to late 70’s and early 80’s. I bought broken, pitted & cracked 55 Nomad fender, door and eyebrow moldings. Most were missing mounting studs as well. I found, in Hemmings, a little shop that did NOTHING but Pot Metal. I sent them my moldinds and they returned the most beautiful moldings that looked better than NOS. That shop? Pot Metal Restorations, 4794-C Woodlane Circle, Tallahassee, FL 32303. Phone is 850-562-0538. Website is BTW, I sold all 28 sets of my 55 Nomad moldings for well in excess of $100K in 2004. Why take the chance of getting screwed by “Bob’s Custom Chrome Shop” on your moldings? No, they are not cheap, but they are good and do it right the first time. Please tell them Les sent you from LK 10-26-2012

1963 to 1965 Rally Gauge Oil Pressure Senders

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

As some of you know, the prices for the 1963 and the 64-65 Oil Pressure Senders are thru the roof. Most range between $300 to $400 for a new one.  The 63 sender is all by itself.  The 64 and 65 senders are the same.  The 66 on up oil pressure senders are in stock here for around $35 plus postage.   If you are buying 63 to 66 Rally Gauges from someone, you’d better get the oil pressure sender.  99% don’t come with senders.  Also, if you’re buying a Rally Gauge setup for your 66, MAKE SURE it’s a 66 and not a 65.  And visa versa.  Also remember that column shift 65-66 speedos are different from floor shift models. The Rally Gauges in 65 and 66 are in the speedo head.   We offer 62 to 66 tachometer full electronic conversions and complete face repaints for your tach and all gauges as well. BTW, the Water Temp Sender is still available from AC/Delco for all 63 to 66 Rally Gauge setups, for less than $15. 10-23-2012 LK