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Some Advice On Fuel Line & Brake Line Replacement

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Sometimes on these older cars, you may end up with a rusty or clogged brake or fuel line.  Of course, there are companies that make pre-bent replacement lines for almost every application.  This is great….until you go to install.  I have my 1964 Bonneville 421 Brougham on my two post lift in my shop.  The fuel line was hopelessly clogged with black goo from old fuel.  My son and I spent two+ hours just rying to remove the old line.  We finally did so in three pieces.  I had a replacement line in hand and after another two hours of trying to get it in position, we gave up as we had bent it all to hell, far from it’s original perfect bent status.  And was JUST over the rear axle.  People, the only way to install these new lines is if the body is off the frame.  There is NO way to install these front to rear lines without the body being completely away from the frame.  My new fuel line is 3/8″ rubber hose cable tied to avoid any problems.  If I ever take the car off the frame, I will replace all the lines.  Any frame off project from here on will receive all new lines.  Just some advice….LK