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Purchasing, Shipping and Return Policies…

Friday, January 29th, 2016

After doing this for years, it has now become time to state purchasing, shipping and return policies.  If you purchase something new or reproduction and it’s wrong (never happens), we will refund your money once the product is returned.  There must be a viable reason for returning the product. Everything we reproduce is an exact fit and we inspect EVERY part before it leaves here.  We do not pay return postage however we also do not charge a restocking fee.  If did not reproduce or make the part, such as trunk floors, quarter panels, floor pans, there is no warranty.  You will need to take up any issues with the manufacture.  We will be more than happy to get you in touch with whoever that may be, however that is the end of our responsibility.

Used parts:  We are not WalMart.  The used parts we sell are carefully checked and described. However, these parts are 50 years old.  We cannot see thru metal.  There is no warranty on used parts whatsoever.  There are also NO REFUNDS.  Unless stated, we are not responsible for postage, shipping or loading of your parts.  We will assist if you are having something picked up within reason.  This includes frames.  We will assist in helping you find a shipper, but that’s it.  A recent frame sale resulted in a lot of extra work and expense as the person was told the frame did not come with wheels or tires.  Now, he apparently HAS to have it on wheels and tires.  Also we do not take returns on parts to be determined are not the right year ordered by you.  IE:   A recent sale of a 64 remote mirror was returned as the guy found out after buying that a 64 mirror is not the same as a 63.  No more.  Know what you are buying.  Thus the reason for stating policy.

We have had very little returns over the years, mainly parts others have made and we’ve sold.  We want to keep it this way.  We do hope you understand.  LK  9/22/2018