Wanted Cars and Parts

  1. 1964 Catalina 2 door side moldings, especially quarter panel moldings, either decent used or NOS. Also need clips for same. Looking for possible partner to reproduce these.
  2. 1963 or 1964 Catalina FACTORY tinted “Soft-Ray” door and quarter windows for two door SEDAN. No chips, cracks or delamination please.
  3. 1965 & 1966 Catalina fenders, no rust.
  4. 1964 Full Size Pontiac fenders. Will consider repairable ones, however prefer no rust or NOS.
  5. Clips that go on some GM wheels to hold small hubcaps, 3 per wheel, need one car set.
  6. 1963 and 1964 tachometer mounting brackets (both are different).
  7. 1964 & 1966 Catalina Convertible frame, no rust.
  8. 1966 2+2 Quarter Panel Moldings (all four) mint or NOS.
  9. 1961 to 1968 Parts Cars close to Minnesota.
  10. A decent, dependable and cheap car hauler based in Minnesota.
  11. Any NOS or mint used body molding side clips for 61 to 68 Pontiacs, especially 1964 stuff.
  12. Any NOS clutch linkage bushings for 61 to 68 Pontiacs.
  13. Rust free trunk floors, 1965 to 1968, 2 and 4 door/convertible versions.
  14. Stick Radiators, meaning radiators used in manual transmission 61 to 68 Pontiacs. Will accept cores and just lower tanks without auto trans fittings. No $400 recore jobs please.
  15. Always looking for good, used parts, NOS parts, rust free body parts and decent project cars. Let’s talk!
  16. 1964 Catalina tailight assemblies, no cracks PLEASE!
  17. Information and whereabouts of a 1965 Bonneville Convertible that was a GM Showcar. Was up for sale a few years back in Hemmings. Car was located in Utah somewhere. Had different emblems and certain appointments that were not on production cars.
  18. Information and proof that GM DID install the 376 horse, 421 engine in certain cars with factory air conditioning in 65 and 66. Lots of claims but no real solid proof yet. GM had a long standing company policy of no air conditioning in solid lifter cars. Also looking for information on 5 supposedly built GM Executive built Bonneville 4 door hardtops with 376 horse 421’s, air conditioning and four speeds? Where are they now?
  19. 1964 Bonneville Brougham Front Arm Rests. Need a pair with no cracks and with pads, upholstery unimportant. These are longer than normal front armrests.
  20. 1964 Harrison 4 core radiator for an A/C car. Also interested in purchase of 1963 or 1964 factory A/C parts especially condenser, lines, compressor and all brackets. Don’t really need firewall stuff.
  21. Two pairs of  1966 093 Cylinder Heads NEED BAD!
  22. Looking for someone around the Twin Cities able to buff long rocker panel moldings without damaging them from heat. Had a set ruined.
  23. A car set of Indy Drag Mags with 5 x 5 punch. Loved those wheels! Will consider 14″ or 15″.
  24. 1961 to 1968 Working Heat Risers or manifolds with working heat risers.  Will consider parts also. ESPECIALLY SPRINGS!
  25. 1966 Catalina 2 door sedan body only. Prefer rust-free. Color & options not important.
  26. 1961 to 1964 long tailshaft T-10 four speeds, same as Buick.
  27. 1960 – 1962 8 lug wheels, need at least one car set, no junk please.
  28. 1962 lower quarter pieces that would work to repair a 62 Catalina convertible, must be rust-free.
  29. 1962 -1963 421 crankshaft, Part #9770488
    1964 -1965 421 crankshaft, Part #977384
    1966- 1968 421 or 428 crankshaft, Part #9773384 or 9783787
    Must be useable, also interested in connecting rods for same.
  30. 1962 - 1964 Shifter Porch for bench seat car (round hole) original metal, not fiberglass.
  31. Complete rust free front clip for 1962 Catalina or parts thereof.
  32. A complete set of Hurst big car (5 on 5) wheels, complete.
  33. Need a 65 to 68 shifter porch with no rust for mold to repro.
  34. Cluster gears for 61-64 T-10 four speed.
  35. 1962 Grand Prix steering column for floor shift.
  36. 1962 Catalina 2 door sedan lower quarters, rust-free, both sides.
  37. 1964 Grand Prix Quarter Panels or lower panels, must be rust free. Will consider rust free non-a/c shell stripped, on rolling frame also, but quarters must be nice.
  38. Looking for a 1962 tachomters, running low! 
  39. 1963 or 64 Ignition Switches with keys, need both A/C and non A/C switches.
  40. 1961 to 64 Clutch Rod Bellows (where clutch rod passes thru firewall), prefer NOS but will accept anything.
  41. Nice 1965 to 68 four speed console, no pits, no cracks.
  42. Cast Iron T-10 main case only, dated 61 to 64.
  43. Nice 66 GP interior panels (with power windows) & seats, black only.
  44. Nice 65 or 66 wood steering wheel complete.
  45. Need a 1964 “45B” 421 HO engine for an original 64 GP I have.  I also need two pairs of the 63 or 64 HO exhaust manifolds.  Will look at ANY 64 HO motor or parts. NEED BAD!
  46. Need 61 to 64 Clutch Fork Boot & Firewall Boot for Clutch Rod.  Want to repro these items.
  47. Need 65 or 66 Battery Box, must be nice!
  48. Need 64 to 66 NOS A/C Evaporators
  49. Looking for info and whereabouts of a Lime Green 1964 Catalina Armbruster Limo with Blue Interior (former Nevada Hiway patrol owned) last know to be in the Stagecoach, NV area. 
  51. Looking to purchase a decent 1957 Safari Wagon (like a Nomad)  Engine & trans unimportant.  No severe rust buckets.
  52. Looking for the following car:  1967 Tempest or Lemans 2 door sedan body, must be rust-free.  Options, front clip, title, color not important.