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63-64 Bonneville Shifter Porch Here!

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

61-64bonneporch2011075re-sized1Finally!  The last shifter porch to be done!  The ultra rare 63 to 64 Bonneville Shifter Porch!  Did you know that 61 to 64 Bonnevilles have a much bigger transmission hump than their Catalina and Grand Prix counterparts?  This is becuase the Bonnevilles and Star Chiefs had a bigger version of the Slim Jim transmission.  This is why you cannot put a Bonnie Hydramatic into a Catalina or Grand Prix!  So what happened when you want to four speed that 64 Bonnie ragtop?  The 61-64 Catalina shifter porch we made didn’t fit.  Thus started the five year search for a NICE 63-64 Bonneville Shifter Porch to reproduce.  Finally after five years and the better part of five hundred dollars, one was obtained.  And now, it has been faithfully reproduced for you!  Made from hand laid West Systems fiberglass and epoxy resin, these porches are just as tough as the 61-64 Catalina/GP and 65-68 porches we also do.  Cost is $135 plus $15.50 USPS Priority in the US only.  Will ship world-wide at cost.  Call Les at 651-280-9681 to order.  Here is what they look like!  LK