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Tachometer ID Jerks

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Have you ever tried to help someone out and regardless of how many times you try, they never change? Such is the world of eBay Pontiac tachometer sales. I don’t know how many times I have emailed people saying…”hey, your tach is a 63 or 64 model only and it did not come in a GTO”. Most usually reply with thanks of some sort and about half change their listing or at least add my correction to their auction. And then we have the people who apparently don’t care if you purchase the wrong tach for your car. I have seen many 62 to 66 Pontiacs online with the wrong year tach installed. I would be really pissed if I found out someone sold me the wrong year tach, especially with the silly money these are going for. And of course, then we have the people selling 63 or 64 tachs without telling you they do not have the mounting bracket. So you buy this and try to mount it in your 64 GP, only to find you now need a bracket nobody reproduces.

I once had a person in Iowa argue with me for numerous days via email about the fact he had this tach that he swore came out of a 63 GP. The tach was a 62 tach by the adjusting knob. The date rubber stamped on the rear of the tach was in 1963; however the face had been swapped out with a 62 face. People, you can unbend four little tabs and swap faces out on all mid 60’s Pontiac tachs. Anyway, this person went on about how he had gotten the tach from Arnie Beswick’s sister’s cousin’s dog or some load of crap. Who cares? The tach was wrong and had I seen it in anything other than a 62, I would have judged the car incorrect. Now this person seems to think there is a difference between 63 and 64 tachs by a recent eBay auction. They are the same. Whatever dude…. Then there is another guy named BonnevilleJoe fromTexas on eBay who I tried to help and now, he has me blocked from bidding on the stuff he sells on eBay. That’s your loss as I spend a fair amount of money on parts. What a baby….

I grew up as an Air Force brat. When my mother purchased a brand new 64 Bonneville ragtop in Oklahoma City, I started hanging out at the Pontiac dealer and the local drag strip. I saw tons of 4 speed 2+2’s, Grand Prix’s, Bonneville’s and Catalina’s delivered to this dealership. My mother’s car ended up being mine, which set the Pontiac bug deep within me. We left to return to Minneapolis in 1967. Sadly, Minneapolis was NEVER a big Pontiac stronghold. Pentel Pontiac ordered very few GOOD Pontiacs. I remember seeing a whole truckload of new 1969 GTO’s show up at Pentel and most were automatics on the column. I have made it my hobby to try to help people, not be “Mr. Know-It-All”. If I am wrong, I will say so. However, unless you can prove me wrong, don’t expect me to buy loads of crap. I go by Pontiac photos, cars I have seen in dealerships and un-touched original cars, parts catalogs and common sense. I currently own over 20 full sized 1962 to 1966 Pontiacs and most are four speeds. I have worked with Fabcraft on the reproduction of big car four speed conversion parts. If anybody else sees the need for a different or better website than this one, get down on it. Don’t just sit there and run your mouth or hit the keys. Do what I did, put up your money to try and inform people. If someone comes up with a better site with better information, I will take this site down so fast; it will make your head spin. I will start to add the eBay screenames of people who refuse to correct their auctions here very soon. LMK

First one: eBay seller achillies-10 I have sent numerous emails (over 15) to these people trying to help them correctly identify the item they are selling. They NEVER correct the listing and keep on reffering to the item as a GTO tach. People, they apparently do not care what they sell you as long as they sell it. They have a wonderful store and seem to know alot in the parts industry. Why they continue to list this item this way, is beyond me. As with all my posts on my website, this is my opinion.