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1965-66 Fuel Tanks & Senders HERE NOW!

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Using our patterns, our supplier has finally delivered the new reproduction 65 and 66 fuel tanks!  It’s taken 3 years to get these here.  They are galvanized with a 3 year warranty on the finish.  They are complete with the filler neck and the vent tube.  They are exact!  The senders are too.  The sender package comes with the new single line sender, the new lock down ring and correct rubber o ring.  Strap kits are coming soon, but the tanks and senders are here.  The sender is a dual line sender.  For now, the fuel tanks are $299 each and the senders are $100 each.  Shipping will be at cost via Fed Ex Ground.  Straps will be here shortly (10-2018) and this post will be modified. Have photos we can email of the tank and sender.  LK 9/22/2018