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Reproductions on the horizon…….

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

We are working on the following reproduction items:

-1964 Grand Prix Parking Light Lens (always cracked and nasty looking)

-1961 - 62 Clutch Rod Boot w/Bushing

-1961-64 Firewall Steering Column Seal

-1961 - 62 Clutch Rod Boot Retainer

-1963 - 64 Clutch Rod Boot Retainer

-1961 - 64 Handbrake Cable Boot

-1966 Battery Tray (a long time coming due to the tooling costs, hang in there please!)

-1961 - 62 Bonneville Four Speed Shifter Porch

If you have an idea for a part that needs to be reproduced, please share it with us.  Any updates as to when the part will be available for purchase, will show up here FIRST.  Please do not call asking for an update.  Thanks!  LK  5-2014

PS:  We are still working on the 61-62, 63-64 and 65-68 Four Speed Conversion Papers.

1961 to 1964 Fuel Tank Sender Gasket Here!

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

To put out a fire, we have faithfully reproduced the 1961 to 1964 Pontiac Fuel Tank Sender Gasket.  This gasket, long gone from the Pontiac Parts Books, was not available until the reproduction of the gas tanks, senders and straps (which we sell).  However , the gasket was only available with the purchase of the sending unit, not by itself.  People wanted to clean out their tanks but did not need a sender.  Well, we stepped up and did the gasket!  The gasket is rubber and is made from the highest quality material available, just like our first reproduction 7 years ago, the filler neck “o” ring.  The cost of this gasket is $6.00 with USPS Priority Mail shipping the US for $7.20.  World-wide at cost.  As with all of products, we will combine for the cheapest shipping possible.  So if you’re dropping your tank to clean, you would need the sender gasket and the “O” ring for the filler neck.  Both ship for $7.20!  As always, thanks to those who support our efforts and make this fun to do.  LK 7-22-2018