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New Products Just Keep On Coming!

Monday, February 14th, 2011 annouces one new product and one updated product.  The new product is 1961 to 1964 full size Pontiac Trunk Extensions.  These are the two verticle pieces under your trunk floor at the edges!  These are made in the USA for USA steel and are an exact replacement.  Cost is $89.99 per pair (left and right) plus FedExGround.  Here is a photo:


The other updated product is a new and better fitting 1961 to 1964 Trunk Pan Set.  Still US made using US steel. Note the changes to the edges and more material for a better fit.


Cost is $239.99 plus FedExGround to you.  In stock and ready to ship.  And the new products just keep on coming!  LK

Latest Reproduction from!

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

64-pontiac-bonnie-bench-porch-mvc-001s is proud to annouce our latest reproduction….the long awaited 61 to 64 Bonneville Shifter Porch.  This porch is required when converting your car to a floor shift.  It works with or without a console and is made from the same excellent marine fiberglass as all our shifter porches are.  It took me four years to find a mint example to make the mold for this porch.  Remember, the 61-64 Bonneville has a much larger transmission hump that a Catalina or Grand Prix.  The photo shown is of the original metal porch used in the mold process.  Cost is $130.00 plus $11.80 postage via USPS Priority.  And the repros just keep on comin’! LK