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Les Kasten’s 8 Lug Article in Smoke Signals!

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Please see Les Kasten’s 4 page article in this month’s Smoke Signals regarding 8 lug wheels and current problems, how to paint your 8 lugs, disc brake conversion using 8 lugs up front and balancing plates.  The painting part of the article was the final part Ron Panzer planned to write with Les before he passed away.  Ron had written four previous articles in Smoke Signals. uses Z & L Machine for all NEW 8 lugs, 8 lug relines, the disc brake conversion, balancing plates and 8 lug repairs and parts including repro lug nuts (LH or RH threads).  Contact Larry Groskopf at 815-735-4002.  Email is  Address is 1501 Hermitage Drive, New Lenox, IL 60451. sells the new 15″ and 16″ 8 lug wheels in various widths and finishes.  Thanks!  LK 9/22/2018

Have a nasty gas tank or bad sender?

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

We are receiving a large number of calls regarding the above problems.  Here is the information to solve your problems IF we do not have a reproduction tank or sender for you.

#1:  You have a nasty, rusty, leaking or stinky fuel tank.  DO NOT THROW OUT!  Go to and send the tank to them.  They can repair almost any problem you have.  Your tank will come back sealed inside and out.  It will be a dull black when it returns.  It will not have that zinc finish however it comes with a lifetime warranty nation-wide.  They also will send your sender out and have it either repaired or find a NOS one.  If you can find a new tank, fine.  If not, here is your next best bet.  Call the nearest dealer and follow their shipping instructions.

#2:  You have a gas tank sender that does not work.  Once again, DO NOT THROW OUT!  We have discovered a company that will repair your old sender, change out the sock and return with a new gasket, all for $125!  So if you have a non-reproduced sender, you are saved!  This company can also install an additional line for those who are going with fuel injection.  Contact Dan at Tri-Starr, 315-712-0071, 1452 State Route 89, Seneca Falls, NY 13148.  Email is

This should solve a number of problems.  We hope this helps!  LK 9/22/2018