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MAJOR changes coming to this website…..

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Pontiac is about to completely re-do our website adding a number of new features and also adding a HUGE amount of new information.  We fired our old webmaster two years ago as he had built the website on a blog base instead of a website base.  People had be unable to purchase anything plus he had entered a huge amount of mistakes as to postage on certain items.  The only updates I could do, were in the blog section.  My son and I are currently working on the new site.  You will not notice any delays or “under construction” type notices so please continue to cruise thru the site as you normally do.  All current updates and new parts information will continue to be listed under the “blog” column.  On the new site, this column will be changed to INFORMATION or NEW UPDATES.  One more thing….be sure to go to the bottom of the blog and click on previous page to find a lot of great information.  I believe there are 8 or 9 pages of information and updates.  The new site will allow you to purchase parts and pay online (except overseas orders).  Thank you for understanding.  We are just trying to make the entire experience better for everybody.  LK 7-26-2014

Les Kasten accepts POCI 8 Lug Tech Advisor post…..

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Les Kasten has accepted the Pontiac-Oakland Club International invitation to become their advisor on 8 Lug wheel issues.  The post was previously held by longtime POCI member Ron Panzer who recently passed away.  Ron and Les shared much information on the subject of 8 lug wheels.  Ron had written four articles for Smoke Signals regarding the 8 lugs, which opened a lot of peoples eyes to the world of 8 lug wheels and the differences and variations known.  Les considers this to be an honor and hopes he can help those who need information.  Thank you to the POCI for choosing me.  I hope I can help but I know I can never fill Ron’s shoes.  LK 7-26-2014