62-64 Four Speed Console Madness!!!!

Just when you think you know everything, something else pops up!  I had thought that all console pieces that went under the floor in 62 to 64 Pontiacs were the same.  WRONGO! Ross out in Washington state has set me straight!  I did know that 62-64 Bonnevilles had a bigger transmission hump than 62-64 Catalinas or GPs.  Bonnies used the Roto 275 and Cats/GPs used the Roto 200, both pieces of crap (my opinion!).  Thus Cats and GPs had a smaller hump.  I also knew that automatic consoles were shorter in Bonnies as the hump was closer to the bottom of the dash.  Although they look the same as Cat/GP consoles, they are not.  Wait, it gets worse!  Now, Ross came forward with some eye-opening photos.  The Bonnie four speed console plastic pieces under the carpet are shorter and different than the Cat/GP pieces.  Thus the carpet sets will have to made different as well.  Take all of this into consideration when buying a console for your car.  Hats off to Ross.  See the following photos:

Front pieces Cat vs. Bonnie

Front pieces Cat vs. Bonnie

Rear:  Bonnie  Front:  Catalina/GP

Rear: Bonnie Front: Catalina/GPFront: Catalina/GP Rear: Bonnie

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