After years of prep work, is stepping down regarding 61-62 and 63-64 clutch forks.  This is a “bad news-good news” thing.  Tooling costs will exceed $13,000 per piece  and that is just too high.  We have been working with Brad at FabCraft and we both agree that it is too much.  Now the good news, apparently Barry Martin from Sonic Motors is going to pick this up.  he can be reached at 810-750-1421.  We wish Barry the best of luck in this project.  Update 2-2013:  Apparently these are now available on eBay from Sonic.  Funny….although these person used my information to make these, I have never heard shit from this person.  That’s thanks you.  Let that be your guide in dealing with them. LK  2-2012

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