REPRO TRUNK MOUNTS SHIPPED DAILY! has begun shipment of it’s new 1961 to 1964 trunk mount on January 6th, 2010.  We picked the first 300 mounts on January 7th and rest are done next week.  These are identical to originals and are made here in the USA using US made 14 gauge steel.  All who have seen these rave about the quality of the unit.   The mounts are sold in pairs for $119.95 plus $6.80 USPS Priority Mail shipping in the US only.  We will ship world-wide at cost.  A meeting has been arranged for the possible reproduction of both 63 and 64 tach mounting brackets next week.   All reproduction items are to be MADE IN THE USA!  No crappy overseas stuff here.   In the works are 65-68 trunk mounts, 65-66 battery boxes and 65-68 bellhousing z-bar mounts.  Please continue to watch this blog for updates! LK's First Reproduction Item!'s First Reproduction Item!

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