Looking for that special clip or fastener?

How many times have we needed to find a special clip or fastener on our cars?  Especially when it came time to re-install our moldings.  Of course, your local paerts store has nothing but plastic push on speed clips and the like.  Well, I have some good news for you.  I knew of this company a few years ago but never thought to put anything out here.  I ran into Mark this weekend at the Back to the 50’s swap meet in St. Paul, MN.  What a layout of stuff!  Plus Mark says he has a lot more that he doesn’t bring to the swap meet including a bunch of old clips.  Please give him a try at Scorpion Supply, 715-284-7717 or email him at mark555@centurytel.net  You may need to email a photo of what you need and it’s best to lay the clip you need on a ruler or tape measure and then photo it.  You will be amazed at what he has.  LK  9-22-2018

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