PontiacParadise.com offers a limited lifetime warranty on steering and suspension parts extended to the retail customer. It is limited to the original purchaser of any noncommercial vehicle on which the product was installed, for as long as the same owner owns the vehicle.

A copy of the original purchase receipt must be presented with the defective part and returned to Pontiac Paradise.com.

PonticaParadise.com’s warranty does not cover parts that are damaged due to improper installation, lack of lubrication, abuse, or when used for anything other than the original intended use.

Labor cost for removal and installation are not covered.

A Note from Les Kasten, Owner of PontiacParadise.com

As most people know, most of these parts, if not all, are made in China or some third world country. I have used the parts we sell on our own Pontiacs with no problems, however I feel I must warn you of a potential problem that may cause injury. When I was installing ball joints in a 1966 Grand Prix, I used the supplied hardware including the thin black wire type lock washers. Upon tightening with just a pair of hand wrenches, the washer exploded into three pieces striking me just below the left eye. I was wearing safety glasses and ended up with nothing more than a slightly black eye. However, this is not the first time one of these black wire type lock washers has exploded on me. Therefore, PontiacParadise.com will remove any of these types of hardware before shipment and replace with good old USA type lock washers of a comparable size, but much better quality. I also recommend that if you find these little devils on other equipment you purchase, do not use it.

Thank you,
Les M. Kasten