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Carburetor Rebuilding Service Available

Carburetor Rebuilding Service Available

Starting immediately, is offering custom & correct Carburetor Rebuilding Service to include correct dying and coloring of all carb components. This includes the following types of carbs:

  • Rochester 2 barrel carbs to include tri-power carbs
  • Carter AFB 4 barrel carbs 1961 to 1966
  • Quadrajet carbs 1967 to 1976

Turn-around time depends on the condition of your carb, but normal time is 2 to 3 weeks. A normal AFB rebuild runs around $200 to $225. Retired GM Carb Tech has a large amount of cores and parts to help in your rebuild. Please contact us to arrange. has an inventory of certain “rebuilt” carbs in stock, mainly 3-2 setups and AFB’s, which may be available on an exchange basis. We also stock some cores.

Note: By adding this service to the shopping cart and completing the purchase, you will be billed $200.00, but may be charged additional fees depending on the condition of your carb after we receive it.

Price: $200.00