1962 - 1964 Pontiac Automatic Console

We have put together a collection of photographs and descriptions to help you identify parts for your Pontiac. You can click the thumbnail image next to each description to see an enlarged view.

Pontiac Automatic Console 1963 – 64 Full Sized Pontiac Automatic Console
These were available in every car including 4 doors and station wagons. Must have been ordered with bucket seats. This is the automatic version. Note the white plasic underside. Always check the mounts as they break easily. the rear part of the console also breaks easily. Also note opening for the vacuum gauge. Pontiac never mounted a tachometer in this location, although many people have.

Miscellaneous: Hurst made a dual-gate shifter especially for Pontiacs that fit this console.
Automatic Shifter Correct Automatic Shifter
bench seat version This photo shows a bench seat version of the dual gate for a Pontiac. You should note the shifter pattern with reverse at the bottom (circa 1967).
Hurst dual gate shifter The console version of the Hurst dual gate shifter. The mink coat wasn’t enough to make her happy!?
Installed in 1963 or 1964 Pontiac! A magazine illustration of the 1963/1964 Pontiac.
Hurst dual gate shifter The Hurst dual gate shifter. It had a key lock to keep your wife from doing silly things!
Hurst dual gate shifter 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix Automatic Console.
The front does not go up to the dash as in '63 and '64 models.

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