Finally! 61-62 Bonneville Shifter Porches Coming!

Well, after waiting for years and being lied to and promised a pattern, we finally received a mint 61-62 Bonneville Shifter porch from Michael Paneuo of Goshen, NY.  As we found out, 61-62 Bonnie porches are different from 63-64.  They are totally different from the 61-64 Catalina & Grand Prix porches as the transmission humps in Bonnies are larger.  This is due to Bonnies taking a Roto 275 automatic transmission verses the Catalinas and GP’s using a Roto 200 (SlimJim) transmission.  Plus, for whatever reason, the 61-62’s are different from 63-64’s.  This will finally give us ALL of the three or four speed shifter porches from 61 to 68.  We would expect these to be ready by the end of March, 2014.  Thanks again to Michael Paneduo.  LK  6-6-2013

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