Having weird brake light/turn signal problems? Read on….

When we were finishing up my first really nice “done” Pontiac 1964 Catalina 2 door sedan, I noticed I was having problems with no brake lights, sometimes brake lights and the same in turn signal land. I was losing my mind. Finally, just before hacking into my wiring, Bill Taylor, a friend of mine who owns a repair shop in Minneapolis, dug into the problem. He found it! At the base of your 61 to 64 steering column, is a little weird box. Your turn signal switch is NOT up top where most others are. It’s in the weird little box and is contolled by a cable that runs almost the entire length of your column. Bill took the little box apart by bending back (carefully) the little tabs holding it together, to discover nothing but fuzzies, hard grease and dirt. Fifty years ago, there was some sort of grease in these boxes, most has now turned hard and crunchy. Well, there are contacts that slide inside this box and they are spring loaded. Guess what? No grease, no slide! Bill cleaned the box out and put in new di-electric grease and POOF! Problem solved.

So don’t send your 61 to 64 Pontiac to the electrical shop for those re-occuring brake light and/or turn signal problems. This is the solution. LK 10-31-2012

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