OK, you just bought a 62 to 66 Tachometer, now what?

One thing I always try to push on people buying Tachometers for their 62 to 66 full size Pontiacs, is to purchase a NEW Tachometer Harness. They are dirt cheap and easy to install. I am going to give you the part numbers to order in from Ames (1-800-421-2637):

1962 Tach Harness: PM04000 $33.00
1963 Tach Harness: PM04250 $33.00
1964 Tach Harness: PM04605 $33.00
1965 Tach Harness: PM06245 $33.00
1966 Tach Harness: PM06245 $33.00

Of course, these prices are subject to change and the harnesses listed above are not to be used with Transistorized Ignition. Ames has those harnesses as well however they are $4.00 more expensive. OPG has the same harnesses available as well. As with everything I do out here, I hope this helps somebody! LK 10-27-2012

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