News…some good, some OK…October 2012

First off, as some of you may know, I went in for major surgery October 4th to have 85% of my stomach removed. My hope is solve a number of other medical issues brought on by being overweight. It seems like all my problems started when I hit 280 pounds. Since starting down this road, I have dropped 41 pounds and am now back to 280. My goal is to be at my USAF weight of 245 pounds with a 30″ waist. Thank you to all that have wished me a speedy recovery. Life is changing everyday for me. On to Pontiac news……

I recieved some good news today about the long awaited 63-64 lower quarter panels. Below is a photo of the prototype laid over my NOS 64 Catalina/Grand Prix Quarter.

Other repro items update….65 Battery Tray sales are pretty slow. Hoping 66 Trays will do better. Because of money issues, don’t expect 66 trays until mid to late 2013. 66 2+2 Quarter Emblems are also in the works. Looking at the fall of 2013 at the earliest. Thanks to Bob Munson for helping me out with an emblem to use as a pattern. 61-64 and 65-70 Crossmember Brackets are done and ready to ship shortly. These are exact copies of originals. Other things set for next year include a number of rubber products such as: 63-64 Bellhousing Boots (will fit 61-62 if you toss the gay metal cover!), 63-64 Firewall Clutch Rod Booty and Metal Retainer and 61-64 Gas Tank Filler Neck Upper Rubber that supports the neck inside the gas door. I am also planning on doing the 65 to 68 Round Trunk Mounts althought the “already done” 61-64 Trunk Mounts can be used in a pinch. ┬áStill looking for a 65 to 68 Catalina Ragtop Trunkpan and a 65-68 2 door hardtop Bonneville Trunkpan to borrow for a pattern as well.

Last but not least… will be moving to the Sandpoint-Cocollala-Coeur d’Alene area of Idaho next year, GOD willing. I can no longer take the harsh winters here in Minnesota and the State is going down the drain to muslims and Democrats. South Minneapolis is starting to look like Somolia. Sorry, not for me. I grew up here and I hate to see this place turn into the dump it is heading for. will continue to exist elsewhere, as will I in the mountains of the Great Northwest! 63-64-pontiac-quarter-2012-10-18_14-30-06_809resized1The full length photo did not load right so please email me for the KILLER photo!

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