Pontiac Four Transmission Identification

We have put together a collection of photographs and descriptions to help you identify parts for your Pontiac. You can click the thumbnail image next to each description to see an enlarged view.

Pontiac Four Speed Transmission 1961 to 1964 full size Bonnie and Star Chief only. Note extra long tailshaft with brace case into tail. This was because Bonnies and Star Chiefs were 2 longer than a Catalina or Grand Prix. Those cars took the basic T-10.
Tailshaft Brace Excellent view of tailshaft brace.
Passenger side view Passenger side view of 61-64 Bonnie T-10 transmission.
Front view Front view of 61-64 Bonnie T-10 transmission.
3 & 4 speed rear tranmission mount 61-64 3 & 4 speed rear tranmission mount
Three varations exist, based on tailshaft dia.
Three varations
Three varations
Three varations Fabcraft Reproduction Mount - $175
Fabcraft reproduction mount View as bolted to tailshaft of T-10
Available in the following sizes:
  • Older T-10 and muncies: 2.750 dia. outside seal area
  • Later model muncies: 2.875 dia. outside seal area
  • Richmond 4 & 5 speeds
  • Super T-10S and Doug
  • Nash 5 Speeds: 3.00 to 3.125 dia. outside seal area
Comes with new rubber cushions. Please see out parts listings for correct part number.
Pontiac Four Speed Transmission One final view of reproduction mount.

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