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1969 2+2 Convertible (Canadian)

This is a photo listing of 2+2’s from the Great White North. Many people do not know that these cars were built until 1970.  US 2+2’s stopped with the 1967 production year.  The Canadian 64 and 65 versions came with a 6 cylinder, 283 or 409 Chevy engine.  The 66 and 67 versions came with a 6 cylinder, 283 or 427 Chevy engine.  The 68 and 69 versions came with 307 or 427 engines and finally, the 1970 version came with a 350 or 454 Chevy engine.  These were supposedly built on Chevrolet frames.

First up is a BEAUTIFUL 1969 2+2 Convertible:

These cars always had Chevy floor consoles.  What a head turner!
The 2+2 was an option off the Parisienne model.  They were made in
2 door hardtops and convertibles only.  The quarter panels on the 69
and 70 models were totally different from the US standard Catalina.

Image driving this to the POCI Convention with the top down!

This shot was taken before the front valance was re-installed but what a car!


Next up is a beautiful 67 2+2 from The Great White North!  This car has been
modified, but still retains the beautiful lines.



Note the dead giveaway rear trim, ever so different from the US versions.

Wheels are Buick factory mags. This car has a 350 automatic installed.  Nice!

Interior has been totally customized.

Here is yet another 1969 2+2 ragtop.  This one is a factory 427 car!

Ordered new by a Canadian Pontiac dealer for his daughter, but for some
reason, she never took delivery of the car.  One family car since new.

427 engine with M-40 Turbo Hydramatic.  Car also has power windows,
power steering, brakes and rear defrost (in a ragtop!).  Only in Canada! 

This means business in Canada! 

Pretty much standard Canada 2+2 interior with Pontiac dash and
full size Chevrolet console.  Our thanks to Kevin Barras in Dunedin,
Florida for sharing these fine photos with PontiacParadise.com
This fine car is currently for sale on eBay or you call contact Kevin
at 727-736-3900.  


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