Have a nasty gas tank or bad sender?

We are receiving a large number of calls regarding the above problems.  Here is the information to solve your problems IF we do not have a reproduction tank or sender for you.

#1:  You have a nasty, rusty, leaking or stinky fuel tank.  DO NOT THROW OUT!  Go to https://www.gastankrenu.com/locate-a-dealer/ and send the tank to them.  They can repair almost any problem you have.  Your tank will come back sealed inside and out.  It will be a dull black when it returns.  It will not have that zinc finish however it comes with a lifetime warranty nation-wide.  They also will send your sender out and have it either repaired or find a NOS one.  If you can find a new tank, fine.  If not, here is your next best bet.  Call the nearest dealer and follow their shipping instructions.

#2:  You have a gas tank sender that does not work.  Once again, DO NOT THROW OUT!  We have discovered a company that will repair your old sender, change out the sock and return with a new gasket, all for $125!  So if you have a non-reproduced sender, you are saved!  This company can also install an additional line for those who are going with fuel injection.  Contact Dan at Tri-Starr, 315-712-0071, 1452 State Route 89, Seneca Falls, NY 13148.  Email is sendingunitguy@gmail.com.

This should solve a number of problems.  We hope this helps!  LK 9/22/2018

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