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1964 Catalina Quarter Panel Clips And More Coming soon!

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Next repro project will be 1964 Catalina Nylon Quarter Panel Clips.  Once again, a part that the industry really needs.  Door clip are available and have been for a long time.  As with all repro parts, its the tooling that kills you.  We expect these in late September.   Cost should be around $3.95 each.  We may sell in car sets as well.  Keep watching!  Other future projects include the following:

-Re-run of 1965 Battery Trays

-First run of 66 Battery Trays

-1964 Grand Prix Parking Light Lens

-63-64 Clock Lens

-61-62 Clutch Rod Boot and Wiper

-61-62 Clutch Rod Boot Retainer

-Re-run of correct 63-64 Bellhousing Boot (done 9-2018)

Still have just a few 64 tachometer mounting brackets left.  We are making another as this is written.  We have heard that former Ames owner Steve is reproducing 66 GP Parking Light Lens overseas. We also plan on making the correct pretzel 62-64 console shifter to bolt to your new under car Hurst Comp. Plus shifter to maintain that original look. Prototypes are done.  Last but not least is for us to make both bench and console rubber boots that fit a Hurst stick, not the round piece of crap that currently available.  Material will be 10 times better than current crap. Boots will include 60-64 bench seat boot, 62-64 console boot and 65-68 shifter boot.  Again, tooling is a lot of cash. Cash takes time.  Thanks!  LK 9/22/2018