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Parts For Sale: April 1, 2016 Frames and more!

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

We have just received a load of nice frames from the West Coast.  They are all boxed frames and are all pretty much rollers:  Here is the list:

-1 each 1965-66 Bonneville Convertible/Coupe boxed rolling frame: $1000

-1 each 1965-66 Catalina/2+2/Grand Prix Convertible/Coupe/Sedan boxed bare frame:  $800

-1 each 1966 Catalina/2+2/Grand Prix/Coupe/Sedan open rolling frame: $900

These never last long.  Price includes loading onto your truck or trailer, however best to bring help to load.  These are stored stacked and we need notice to get your purchase un-stacked.  Remember, boxed frames are stronger that “U” channel frames.  These will fit your car with no modifications.  We have no idea of the rear end gearing on rolling frames.  Some have drums, some don’t. All have spindles. No wheels or tires.  Bring your own. All 62 to 68 Grand Prixs, 61 to 68 convertibles and most 64 to 67 2+2’s came with boxed frames.  They were used under regular cars when the Heavy Duty option was checked on the build sheet or when the factory ran out of regular frames during production.  Remember also that these are not rust pitted and that the a-arms and rear end trailing arms will be smooth and very pretty when rebuilt.  As with all used frames, there will be some areas that might need a “tweaking” with the old 18″ Cresent Wrench to straighten up stupid stuff.  All take body mounts available new thru Ames or OPG (18 per car).  Call today to reserve your frame.  We also have two complete 61-64 rear ends and one really nice 61-64 bare rear end housing.  We also have a nice full 66 Catalina front clip with core support and hood and grilles for $1,200 and a pair of 66 front fenders off a Grand Prix with fire damage and have been rust repaired at the bottoms.  Fixable.  $350 for the pair.  Have 66 hardtop doors for all models and an assortment of deck lids for 62 to 66.  Lots of wheel wells too!

-one pair of 1964 NOS Front Fenders:  $2000

-one pair of 64 NOS Catalina Grills:  $1500

-one 1964 Catalina or Star Chief NOS tail panel (chrome with “PONTIAC’): $2000

4-19-2016 LK