The Scoop on 61 -62 “Forged” Rods

Let’s cut to the chase on the “so called” Pontiac factory forged rods. First off, Pontiac has only made REAL forged rods for three engines.  The 69 Ram Air IV, the 73 and the 74 Trans Am Super Duty 455’s.  At no other time in Pontiac history did they ever make a TRUE forged rod. Remember that all Pontiac rods from at least 61 on up are the same size.  326 to 455 basically use the same rod as they are all the same size. Pontiac did make an almost “forged” rod in 61 and 62.  The rods heat treated but NOT annealed.  People on eBay are selling these as forged rods.  They are not, however they can be.

First off, you will need to find a heat treating place.  The rods will need to be heat treated and then annealed.  THEN the rods will need to be resized as they will not be the same size before this process.  Do I know the correct hardness that the rods will need to be?  No.  If you know, please let me know so I can add the information here for others.  I am just trying to get the info out there so people stop getting screwed on eBay or pass around incorrect information.  BTW, NEVER reuse any rod bolts.  Always replace these when rebuilding your engine.  ARP makes new rod bolts cheap.  So unless you’re going past 6,500 rpms, the factory rods will do the trick.  Hope this helps!  LK  9-22-2018

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