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1963 - 1964 Clutch Rod Boots are here!

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

63-64-clutch-rod-boot-2014-03-17_10-17-13_530Yet another part that has been out of the Pontiac Part catalog for 30+ years!   This is the rubber boot that the clutch rod passes thru.  It mounts on the two part metal plate that sandwiches around your steering column.  It keeps all the engine compartment stink , fumes and under the hood air from getting inside the interior of your car.  NOS ones have recently hit over $250 on eBay.  Made from the same killer material as out Bellhousing boots, these will last 50 times longer than an original piece.  Chances are if your car is a factory stick, this piece is worn out.  For those of you wanting to four speed your car (and lose that piece of crap Hydramatic!), this is a must.  Hopefully soon, we will also be doing the 61-62 version of this part, along with the metal retainer ring that holds it in place.  The price is $43.95 US funds plus $6.80 for USPS Priority Mail in the US only.  As always, we ship world-wide at cost.  Thanks for your continued suport!  LK 3-19-2014

63 or 64 Two Door Sedan Doors Needed!!!!

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

I have a friend who really needs a pair of 2 door sedan doors for his 64 Catalina.  63 doors are the same, so those would work as well.  Please email me and advise if you can help him out.  I will get you in contact with him.  While we are on the subject of 2 door sedan doors, I have a MINT pair of 61-62 Catalina 2 door sedan doors for sale or trade.  Please email on those as well.  As some of you know, I am a big fan of 2 door sedans, especially in big cars.  They were made in small amounts, getting smaller with each year.   Thanks!  LK  3-6-2014