Finally! 61-62 Bonneville Shifter Porches!

Well, after waiting for years and being lied to and promised a pattern, we finally received a mint 61-62 Bonneville Shifter porch from Michael Paneuo of Goshen, NY.  As we found out, 61-62 Bonnie porches are different from 63-64.  They are totally different from the 61-64 Catalina & Grand Prix porches as the transmission humps in Bonnies are larger.  This is due to Bonnies taking a Roto 275 automatic transmission verses the Catalinas and GP’s using a Roto 200 (SlimJim) transmission.  Plus, for whatever reason, the 61-62’s are different from 63-64’s.  This will finally give us ALL of the three or four speed shifter porches from 61 to 68.  In stock now!    $135.00 plus $15,50 USPS. Thanks again to Michael Paneduo.  LK  6-6-2013

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