Troubles with Website……..

Hi:  I am having troubles with this website as it was built on an incorrect base.  It was built on a WordPress base, which is a blog based website.  It should have been built on a base such as Magenta.  I am sorry it is so hard to order parts or naviagate the parts for sale area.  I put my trust in a person who apparently was not well versed in website construction.  I believe he meant well, but he used an incorrect format.  Because of this, I have not really been able to update certain areas with new information and photos.  This will change over the next few months.  There may be times when the website is down for major upgrades and changes.  The good news is that when it’s finished, it will be so much better for all of us.  Also, I would like to take this time to thank all of you that have written about the site.  It feels good to know I am doing something to help people out.   It’s been a tough year for parts and car sales.  I thank those who have purchased items as it keeps this effort going forward.  My partner in the reproduction end of things, Les Kapaun, has always been a true friend and his efforts are endless.  My son Leslie Kyle, the owner of, is taking over as webmaster.  Thanks to all and PLEASE get out and vote this year.   Thank you!  LK

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