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Full Size Trunk Mounts (1961-1968) (1 Side)

*One Side Only*

We are currently taking pre-orders and expect to ship in mid-November 2009.

What is the first thing to go under your full size Pontiac? Yes, the trunk mounts.  They fill up with sand, dirt, mud, leaves, snow, ice, salt…whatever and they hold it.  And when you go to replace your trunk pan, you find these are a lost cause and usually they get cut off with a torch, as the bolts are frozen.  Well, no more. IS the source for these.  They are US MADE and use 14 gauge steel. They have the same appearance as the original mounts.  The can be either bolted or welded (suggested) on to either side as they are totally interchangeable.

Overseas shipping available at cost. Please call.

Note: Because of different applications, the rubber mounts and bolts thru the mounts are not included. These are available from the larger big car suppliers such as Ames.

Price: $66.96