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Stainless Steel & Aluminum Molding Buffing and Repair Service

Stainless Steel & Aluminum Molding Buffing and Repair Service

Starting September 15, 2009, will begin accepting classic car stainless and aluminum moldings for buffing, polishing and repair work as needed. All work will be done on-site and will be to your satisfaction. Buffing & polishing pricing will be based on a per foot basis and according to width. Repairs will be based on a man-hour basis billing at ¼ hour intervals.

Add this item to the shopping cart and go through the purchase process to notify us of your need for this service.  You will be invoiced separately.

Remember, some moldings are unable to be repaired to perfection. We are devoting one bay of our shop area to this new venture with new “state of the art” equipment. Mary has a ton of experience in polishing stainless and aluminum from doing work on railroad passenger cars at Illinois Transit Assembly Corp. in Madison, IL (my former company) now known as Gateway Rail Services, Inc. Please contact Mary at for further details. Moldings should be sent packed correctly via USPS, UPS or Fed Ex Ground to:, 3869 Minnehaha Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55406-3339

Moldings will be picked up Tuesdays and Fridays and transported to our Rosemount facility. Please ship long, straight moldings in thickwall PVC plastic tubes with plastic ends drilled and screwed on. DO NOT GLUE. is not responsible for damage due to improper packaging, shipping or handling by the molding owner (shipper) or shipping carrier. It is recommended you insure your moldings for every penny they are worth. Return shipping charges and insurance are the responsibility of the molding shipper. Any additional costs related to the correct return packaging of your moldings, shall be your responsibility and billed accordingly. All moldings will be photographed upon opening of your packaging and photographed again before leaving our shop.

The shipper must state what finish they would like on each molding:

OEM “as delivered” original equipment finish-BRITE almost like a chrome finish (Note: aluminum moldings will be subject to a clear coat once finished to stop oxidation)

Price: $0.00